Academic Freedom

See the menu item ACADEMIC FREEDOM. To quote from the lead in to the page: ".... However, there is another key issue raised by ID.  It is the freedom of academics and science educators to explore and discuss the issues associated with ID.  The exploration of ID within science should not be dismissed as something it is not – a disguised religious position."

An Introduction to Intelligent Design

On this page access is given to pages from a booklet An Introduction to Intelligent Design written by the Director of the Centre for Intelligent Design, Dr Alastair Noble.   The sections are set out below.  Click on the section heading to view the pages.

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The pages are in pdf format and to view them properly you may need to adjust your browser settings for Adobe Acrobat Documents.  The pages should appear in a white window similar to the video clips.

01 An idea whose time has come

02 The Cell

03 Evidence for ID

04 Universal Constants

05 Tuning of Universal Constants