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Prof Norman Nevin - References

References for Prof N.C. Nevin

Please note that this list has yet to be manually curated and thus may contain inaccuracies or omissions.

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Richard Dawkins endorses Intelligent Design
Expelled DVD Case

You heard it here first!  I know it sounds pretty far-fetched, but he did.  Yes, Richard Dawkins came as close as it matters to endorsing the position of Intelligent Design.

You’ll find it in an astonishing interview with Ben Stein in the remarkable film ‘Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed’
[i].  At the very end of the film, available on DVD from NPN video[ii] and Amazon, there is this exchange between Ben Stein, the American presenter, and Richard Dawkins:

‘Design in Nature’ theme proves a big draw at Cambridge conference PDF  | Print |  Email

‘Probably the biggest one-day philosophy conference in the UK this year’ was how Dr Daniel Hill of the University of Liverpool described a recent seminar on design in the natural world.

Saturday 14 July saw over 90 delegates, including a Nobel Laureate, cram into the Pavilion Room at Hughes Hall, Cambridge, for Tyndale Philosophy's `Design in Nature? Perspectives from Science and Philosophy' conference.

Eugenie Scott says there’s No Contrary Evidence about Evolution and Global Warming

I attended the Glasgow Skeptics meeting on 15th September 2011 at which Dr Eugenie Scott, the USA based Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, spoke on ‘Evolution and Global Warming Denial – How the Public is Misled’.  Dr Scott’s organisation is committed to ‘Defending the Teaching of Evolution in Public Schools’ and ‘keeping creationism out’, in order to promote good science education.

The evening was a vast improvement over the previous rabble which was the P Z Meyers presentation.  Dr Scott is altogether a more civilised individual who advocates respectful debate.  She advocated that opposing views should be discussed, not derided – a comment which was timely after the obligatory jeer when I raised a question about Intelligent Design (ID).