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It’s great to be young! Youth is a time for exploring and learning, and much of this comes through school, college and national and social media.

One of our concerns is that many young people are denied the opportunity to learn about ‘the design argument’ for life and the universe. You’ve probably been taught since primary school that everything evolved and that there is no need for design and no evidence of purpose in the Universe. You may not always have noticed how subtlely evolutionary theory is introduced into science lessons and across the curriculum, with the implication that science makes God unnecessary.

We believe that you are being sold short! Recent discoveries in science indicate that there is clear evidence of design, not only in life but in the profound complexity throughout the universe. You may never have considered this and we encourage you to look at the articles in this section and elsewhere on the website. We hope some of the material is in a format you will enjoy.

But this is not just an argument about scientific data. If there is design in the universe, then there is a designer and that will affect profoundly the view you hold of the universe, and ultimately how you live your life. This stuff really matters!