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Why would busy pastors spend any time thinking about Intelligent Design (ID)? In the midst of the numerous calls on your time and energy, isn’t this a specialist in-house discussion for those who like that sort of thing? Yet here are 3 reasons why it’s important for you to check out ID for yourself:

First, the plausibility of the Christian faith depends amongst other things on the case for a creator. That case has been under sustained attack for many years, most recently by the ‘new atheists’ who seek to weaponise science in their war against religion. Many of those you minister to (or hope to minister to) will have had their thinking shaped by the view that ‘science has removed the need for God.’ This website will equip you to challenge this common misunderstanding.

Secondly, you don’t have to be a specialist to understand the most important issues. The central question about design in the natural world is one of worldview: if naturalism is dogmatically assumed to be true (and nature is all there is), then of course there can be no Designer – whatever the evidence may say. A more open-minded approach will readily demonstrate that many of the recent findings of science point intriguingly to a Mind behind matter.

Thirdly, this is a matter of truth which should concern us all. Much misinformation about Intelligent Design is doing the rounds, with apparently authoritative voices dismissing ID as ‘not science’, ‘poor theology’, ‘akin to believing in a flat earth’, ‘god-of- the-gaps’ and so on. Yet you will rarely find such critics engaging with what proponents of ID actually say and write. So we invite you to discover for yourself the best case in favour of ID, first-hand in the words of its advocates rather than second-hand through the lenses of its opponents.