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FREE Webinar: Discontinuities in the fossil record 

with Dr Günter Bechly

took place on Monday 18th January 2021 - 7.30pm GMT

The presentation and Q&A can now be viewed on YouTube with the same link as below....

GunterBechlyWe are delighted to have Dr Günter Bechly as our guest for the first webinar of 2021.  Günter is a German paleo-entomologist who specializes in the fossil history and systematics of insects, the most diverse group of animals.  He served as curator for amber and fossil insects in the department of palaeontology at the State Museum of Natural History (SMNS) in Stuttgart, Germany.  He is also a Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute’s Centre for Science and Culture in Seattle USA.  Dr Bechly earned his Ph.D. in geosciences from Eberhard-Karls University in Tübingen, Germany.

He also has an interesting story to tell about his journey to Intelligent Design.  It can be found at .  He may talk about some of that in the forthcoming webinar.  There will also be an opportunity for questions and discussion.  Dr Bechly’s website is at:

The log-in details for the webinar are:

Do join us for this webinar and please make it known to interested friends and colleagues.  We look forward to your company!

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