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FREE Webinar: The Mystery of Life’s Origin 

  This took place on Monday 19th October 2020 at 7.30pm BST

We are delighted that Prof James Tour, Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science and Computer Science at Rice University, Houston, Texas, was able to join Dr Stephen Meyer, Director of the Centre for Science and Culture at Discovery Institute, Seattle, for the above webinar. 

Professor James TourProf James Tour is a distinguished synthetic chemist who has been responsible for ground-breaking research in the production of new carbon-based materials.  He has engaged extensively in the debate about the various theories advanced to attempt to explain the chemical origin of life.   He is also a contributor to the revised edition of The Mystery of Life’s Origin, by Thaxton, Bradley and Olsen which first appeared in 1992 and caused a stir in academic circles as it revealed the total inadequacy of accepted hypotheses.  

Stephen C MeyerDr Stephen Meyer is the author of the highly praised Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt and has also contributed to the revised version of The Mystery of Life’s Origin.  His forthcoming book The Return of the God Hypothesis is expected in Spring 2021. Both presenters are accomplished and compelling communicators.  Following our guests’ presentations there will be an opportunity for questions.  

You can view the webinar at:

Both our speakers gave clear talks illustrating most powerfully the inadequacy of mainstream thinking in explaining the origin of life.  Various approaches were considered and the best inference option of the need for intelligent ("biological agency") intervention in any process that might be proposed was clearly demonstrated.

Please view the presentation (two-and-a-half hours in total - but it does subdivide into shorter elements) and encourage others to view the presentation too.  



Andrew Loose, 14/10/2020