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"Design in Virology" Webinar Series 

Design in Virology? 


For three evenings in July 2020 the UK Centre for Intelligent design hosted livestream webinars on the topic ‘Design in Virology?’  It explored some of the biological and biochemical dimensions of Covid 19 and discussed their implications.  
Dr Michael Behe, a Professor at Lehigh University, Penn USA, author of Darwin’s Black Box, The Edge of Evolution and Darwin Devolves and an iconic figure in the Intelligent Design movement, presented the first livestream webinar on Friday 17th July at 8pm BST.  
The second webinar was led by Dr Jonathan McLatchie (Thursday July 23rd) and Dr Hugo van Woerden (Thursday July 30th) presented the third. 

Questions and discussion followed - questions were submitted online by participants.

The three livestream sessions can be viewed at:

July 17th - Dr Michael Behe - "The Biochemical Basis for COVID-19"

July 23rd - Dr Jonathan McLatchie - "The Molecular Biology of Coronaviruses"

July 30th - Dr Hugo van Woerden - "Beauty, Coherence, Semiotics and Coronavirus"