You're even more amazing!

This short clip about the human body gives more food for thought! Listen carefully to the independent commentary!

You're more amazing

Prof Behe Tour Report

Darwin or Design?

Professor Michael Behe Tour Report

We know that many people found the tour stimulating and enjoyable. UK-wide attendance over the period November 20th to 27th marginally exceeded our anticipated 3,000. Estimates circulating from third parties of about 300 in Leamington are correct while the figure for Bournemouth was in excess of 310.

The Scientific Case for Design
The universe is a vast and mysterious place. From the smallest sub-atomic particle, through the intricate nano-technology of the living cell, to Planet Earth, the Solar System and the furthest galaxy, our universe is stunningly beautiful and exceedingly complex. And it poses huge questions.

Where did it come from? Why is it here? What is my part in it? Most generations across history have, largely by intuition, perceived that the natural and living worlds point to an intelligent source and have found meaning in it from that viewpoint.
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