The Myth of Junk DNA

Jonathan Wells' The Myth of Junk DNA, is a well-written book that manages to accomplish two separate tasks: to silence the Darwinists who had claimed that recent genomic discoveries supported their dystopic version of The Signature in the Cell; and to bring all of us up-to-date on the breath-taking mysteries being decoded from this most ancient script.

"The Grand Design"
by Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow.

Stephen Hawking, along with Leonard Mlodinow, has written a fascinating new book entitled, The Grand Design. It has been the subject of intense media attention, not least because he appears to argue that God is not needed to explain the origin of the universe.

"Signature in the Cell"
by Stephen Meyer

Another "long argument"

In Signature in the Cell leading ID theorist Stephen Meyer argues that the complex, specified information in DNA could not have arisen solely through the action of undirected natural processes. The information content must have arisen from a mind – an intelligent designer. In fact, this is the only realistic scientific explanation. David Swift reviews Meyer’s landmark book.