Academic Freedom

See the menu item ACADEMIC FREEDOM. To quote from the lead in to the page: ".... However, there is another key issue raised by ID.  It is the freedom of academics and science educators to explore and discuss the issues associated with ID.  The exploration of ID within science should not be dismissed as something it is not – a disguised religious position."

Press Release

The Centre for Intelligent Design on September 27th 2011 issued a press release and additional material relating to the call by Prof Richard Dawkins, Sir David Attenborough and others for a legal  ban on Creationism and Intelligent Design in Britain's schools. Click here for the Press Release page.


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Prof Norman Nevin - References PDF Print Email

References for Prof N.C. Nevin

Please note that this list has yet to be manually curated and thus may contain inaccuracies or omissions.

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Richard Dawkins endorses Intelligent Design PDF Print Email
Expelled DVD Case

You heard it here first!  I know it sounds pretty far-fetched, but he did.  Yes, Richard Dawkins came as close as it matters to endorsing the position of Intelligent Design.

You’ll find it in an astonishing interview with Ben Stein in the remarkable film ‘Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed’
[i].  At the very end of the film, available on DVD from NPN video[ii] and Amazon, there is this exchange between Ben Stein, the American presenter, and Richard Dawkins:


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