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JULY 18-22

Malvern, Worcestershire

Sponsored by the Centre for Intelligent Design

This first UK Summer School on Intelligent Design will inform emerging professionals of the scientific coherence of, and the compelling evidence for Intelligent Design (ID). It will clarify the various strands of the design argument, its basis in science, its distinct stance with respect to religious faith, and its wider implications.

The programme is aimed primarily at a generalist audience with expertise across the relevant disciplines. Students or graduates in education, engineering, medicine, law, business, IT, theology, the arts and related disciplines are also encouraged to apply. Participants do not need to have a specialist background in science.

The summer school will run from Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime. There will be three presentations each day and an evening seminar which will feature a current issue related to Intelligent Design. The afternoons from Tuesday to Thursday will provide free time for sightseeing and other activities. A detailed programme will be available in due course.

The sessions will focus on:

  • The recent re-emergence of ID and key areas of design detection.
  • The longer history of the design hypothesis, its role in the emergence of modern science, and its wider religious and philosophical implication.
  • The real story of ID and the Dover Trial in Pennsylvania, USA
  • The major challenge for contemporary science of how first life emerged, together with the clear chemical evidence for intelligent causation of life and of design in a variety of biochemical systems.
  • The overwhelming evidence of design in living systems, together with the implications of Intelligent Design for Darwinian evolution.
  • Whether neo-Darwinism is really science.
  • The current strength of the evidence for ID in cosmology which has provided, from Galileo to Einstein, the most obvious evidences of design.
  • Mysteries of mind, brain and consciousness
  • The key implications of Intelligent Design in public, professional and personal life and strategies for promoting ID alongside the personal and professional hazards involved.

Presenters will include:

Prof Steve Fuller, Warwick University
Prof Guillermo Gonzales, Grove City College, Pennsylvania, USA
Dr David Galloway, Vice President Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow
John Langlois, Barrister
Dr Alastair Noble, Director, Centre for Intelligent Design, Glasgow.
Prof Chris Shaw, Queens University, Belfast.
Dr Jonathan Wells, Discovery Institute, Seattle, USA
David Williams, Lawyer
Other Tutors to be advised.

Details of the Conference centre can be found at:

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N 52 6.802; W 002 20.868

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