Prof Behe Tour Report

Darwin or Design?

Professor Michael Behe Tour Report

We know that many people found the tour stimulating and enjoyable. UK-wide attendance over the period November 20th to 27th marginally exceeded our anticipated 3,000. Estimates circulating from third parties of about 300 in Leamington are correct while the figure for Bournemouth was in excess of 310.

Those who registered online for an event and were not able to attend will be sent freely their copy of Unlocking the Mystery of Life. Please email us at with your request citing your email ticket reference number and full postal address and post-code. One DVD per ticketed person will be mailed free of charge.

Watch this site and The Centre for Intelligent Design site for further reports, announcements of availability of recordings in both audio and video formats.

This tour has been a huge success and we welcome critical thinking based on serious scientific evidence. It’s been noticeable that opponents of Intelligent Design who have been vociferous in their attack outside events have been unable to sustain those attacks when invited to speak inside our meetings.

Prof Michael Behe’s main points developed in the tour are:

  • Design is not mystical. It is deduced from the physical structure of a system
  • Everyone agrees aspects of biology appear designed
  • There are structural obstacles to Darwinian evolution
  • Grand Darwinian claims rest on undisciplined imagination
  • Bottom line: Strong evidence for design, little evidence for Darwinism

Although there are varying positions taken about Intelligent Design, it was apparent that this tour presented it as serious science.  It has further been shown that The Centre for Intelligent Design does not operate as a creationist organisation and it desires to bring empirical scientific evidence to the public’s understanding. No academic paper was presented or question asked of Prof Michael Behe that in any way created difficulty except perhaps the lack of time to go into the detail he would have liked to. Significantly, if Intelligent Design isn’t science, then why did opponents attempt to undermine it by citing scientific papers, albeit ones that were largely irrelevant?

Prof Behe has a peer-reviewed scientific paper due out in December 2010 as he himself announced on the tour.

Finally, keep visiting this site as you may expect further events from The Centre for Intelligent Design in the not too distant future.