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New Life Offer 2015


Use this page to order your special New Life magazine offer on the two publications as detailed in the current advertisement of the Centre for Intelligent Design.  Details of how to order are given below.

The two publications on offer are:

Explore Evolution

From the Preface to the book:

Throughout this book you will discover that there are, indeed, important scientific controversies about the key claims of evolutionary theory and about the arguments that are used to support them.  We have written this book, in part, so that you could learn about the controversial aspects of evolutionary theory that are discussed openly in scientific books and journals abut which are not widely reported in textbooks.

...... Darwin's theory is made up of several ideas, each with supporting arguments.  For each argument in Darwin's case, we will begin by explaining the argument and examining the evidence in support of it. (We call this the Case For.)  Then we will spend some time examining the claims and evidence that lead some scientists to question the argument.  (We will call this the Reply.)  We then look at the current state of the discussion in a section called Further Debate.

..... Finally, you should know something about us, the authors.  Two of us are biology professors doing research on evolution-related topics.  Two of us are philosophers of science who have specialised in studying the logic of evolutionary arguments.  One of us is a technical/curriculum writer.  All of us happen to have reservations about various aspects of contemporary evolutionary theory, but we all think that students should learn more - not less about this theory than they presently do.

Explore Evolution

An idea whose time has come

Stated simply, ‘Intelligent Design’ (ID) claims that the natural and living worlds show clear evidence of being designed and are not the result of blind, purposeless forces. Most people who are aware of ID assume, wrongly, that it is a variant of creationism or a form of religious fundamentalism. But when they take time to examine it, many are immediately impressed. In fact, they discover a powerful and self-evident idea. Instinctively, ID feels correct. 

But Intelligent Design is not a new idea. For as long as observers of the natural world have wondered how it all came about, there have been those who concluded that the universe is designed. Some ancient Greek philosophers held the view that the world was the result of a creative mind. Intelligent Design in one form or another is, actually, as old as history itself. 

In its current form, Intelligent Design poses a formidable challenge to the accepted theories of origins. Drawing on the work of an increasing number of scientists around the world, Intelligent Design questions the current insistence that the origin of life and the universe is a purposeless and undirected process. ID argues from empirical evidence that is easily detected by scientific enquiry. Its distinguishing characteristic is that it does not appeal to any religious authority, but to scientific investigation alone. This booklet gives a brief overview of that evidence and what distinguishes ID from other explanations of origins.

These two publications are available at the special prices of £5.00 for Explore Evolution (159 pages) and £1.00 for An Introduction to Intelligent Design (a 32 page high definition colour booklet).  These prices include postage and packing.

To order these publications click here.  You will be taken to a pro forma email which should complete to indicate your requirement.  You will need to give your full name and postal address.  When you receive your order you will also receive an invoice together with instructions as to how to pay for the goods.