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Darwin, Denton, Behe, Meyer and Lennox
October 2014
It was Michael Behe's excellent article in our August newsletter which reminded me of the crucial significance of Michael Denton's 1986 book Evolution - a Theory in Crisis.1  I didn't read it until some considerable time after I purchased it, but when I did, it had the same effect on me as on Michael Behe.  He describes his reaction to it in the documentary Unlocking the Mystery of Life2 as akin to anger because he had simply accepted unquestioningly the Neo-Darwinian consensus.  Why, he asks perceptively, did no-one in his training in the biological sciences ever mention any of the inadequacies of evolutionary theory.  His subsequent books, Darwin's Black Box3 and The Edge of Evolution4 are products of his reappraisal of that theory. 
Denton's criticisms of Darwin are devastating. 
Government to impose Scientism on our children
 November 2014   Scientism[1] is not the same as Science.  It has arisen because science has been manipulated to carry a worldview which insists that anything beyond 'natural processes' cannot be considered.  It is essentially the philosophy of naturalism into which the scientific data is made to fit. 


Science should be the uninhibited exploration of the natural world and the search for explanations which are consistent with all the evidence.  Scientism, on the other hand, is not open to all of reality, but is constrained in its interpretation of scientific data by its underlying philosophy of naturalism.  It is, in effect, a religion.[2]