About CID

The theory of Intelligent Design argues that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by intelligent causation. This scientific case for design is becoming increasingly visible and influential around the world.

The primary aim of the Centre for Intelligent Design (CID) is to promote the public understanding of Intelligent Design (ID) and its implications.

The Centre for Intelligent Design is an independent organisation which has been set up by a network of volunteers across the UK who have professional interests in education, science, medicine, business and the law. It is funded by contributions from individuals and organisations who support its aims.

Its specific objectives are to:

  • promote the professional investigation and public debate of Intelligent Design
  • challenge, on the scientific evidence, the neo-Darwinian claim that the development of life is purely the result of undirected forces
  • encourage consideration of the wider implications of Intelligent Design.

CID will mount a range of public and academic lectures, and distribute both print and electronic publications. Its office is at:

The Centre for Intelligent Design
Pembroke House
Llantarnam Park Way
NP44 3AU

Email: info@c4id.org.uk